More taste, less waste

Let’s keep it fresh

Millions of households across Europe turn to the easy to use products of ITS every day. Providing convenience in preparing and saving fresh food is what we’re all about at ITS. It is our contribution in a time where consciousness of a sustainable lifestyle has become a main concern. Battling food waste and preserving value has been at the heart of our business ever since we started in 1979. That’s why we keep innovating as a leading manufacturer. It is how we have evolved into a solid partner in household packaging for major retailers and distributors in Europe.

Convenience saves food

Our aim is to reduce food wastage by offering consumers convenience in saving fresh foods, while reducing our carbon footprint as well.

State-of-the-art manufacturer

We can only help you to stay ahead by investing in the latest technology that ensures high quality and fast production lead times.

Certified to satisfy

ITS is a fully certified producer. We’re proud to hold one of the strictest certificates in our industry. All for consistent quality that consumers want to rely on.

ITS foil, films & paper products

How we work

Sustainable results at ITS means that we aim for long term value and lasting relationships. We’re ready to support you with promotions, logistic services, specials and more. As a leading supplier we can work with even the most sophisticated supply chain systems of our customers.

“ITS helps us every step of the way to maintain customer loyalty”