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Decarbonizing our clingfilm business? Yes we can!

The vast majority of all plastic products on the European market are produced from oil, hence these products have a negative impact on our climate and are part of the problem that is causing our present climate change. There is however a solution for this problem and together with the Wageningen University and an investment fund of the Dutch government we have developed a brand new product, Protex BIO 3 in 1 film.

ITS is converting large quantities of paper products such as coffee-filters and baking paper, and for this, FSC controlled forest are being harvested and re-planted in mainly Scandinavia. However in this process there are also waste products and from these products ITS has been able to produce clingfilm. Normal clingfilm? Not at all! The next generation of clingfilm, because our new PROTEX BIO 3 in 1 film is not only world champion in CO2 reduction, it is also suitable for microwave-use and it does not contain any plasticizers anymore, a true revolution in sustainability.

ITS is proud to announce that in the first week of 2024 the ISCC+ certificate has been rewarded for this entire production process including the value-chain of raw materials that are needed in the extrusion process, which is an in-house expertise of ITS. Do you want to see and feel the product? ITS has done a first production run and the results have even exceeded the expectations, contact us and we will inform you in detail. Let’s decarbonize the clingfilm market together and target a sustainable future!