Optimized food preservation

Combating food wastage is at the heart of our business. With a minimum of recyclable plastics or aluminium, we can save a thousand fold in weight of fruit, vegetables or meat. To do this at scale requires sophisticated technology. Hence, we continue to invest, innovate and introduce better household packaging products.

Boosting European recycling

Our aim is to increase the recycling percentage as much as possible, from production and distribution to millions of households in Europe. Through active memberships of international recycling associations, we are jointly developing and promoting information and possibilities to governments, recycling organisations and consumers. From the European Aluminium Foil Association to RAVN (Dutch recycling association), NAK and more.

Reduced power consumption

As a producer, we can make a difference by significantly reducing our energy consumption. Similar to hybrid drivelines in cars, our production lines regenerate power each time they slowdown, which leads to huge savings. We have also shifted to full LED lightning as a part of a complete package to meet the strict ISO 14001 requirements. At present we are conducting the company carbon footprint analysis with the aim to create a sustainable energy balance for the future.

Less raw materials

Through innovative technologies we are able to use overall 20% less material than conventional production for the same or even better functionality. With our extra thin cling film, we achieved a stunning 50% reduction of plastic needed for the same volume of wrapped food. We also reduce the need for virgin material to an absolute minimum by using recycled materials.

Responsible sourcing

For our paper products, such as coffee filters and baking paper, we use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper in order to ensure responsible sourcing of our products. Next to that we use 100% recycled paper for a great number of our packages as well as FSC certified paper. For our aluminium products we work with Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certified aluminium.

ISO 14001: Zero Waste

Within the standards of ISO 14001, we strive to achieve zero waste. This means we maintain no less than 14 separate waste material flows in our production facilities. Every piece of unused material is collected separately and shipped to recycling specialists. We even separate the nails from the pallets of incoming materials and shred the wood for recycling purposes.

ITS foil, films & paper products

Get more details

We are happy to share more extensive information on any of our activities in promoting recycling at the consumers side as well as responsible sourcing and production from our side. Feel free to contact us for specific reports, certificates or memberships.